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Burton on Trent
Local Services Directory

BTLG is pleased to provide the Burton on Trent Local Services Directory. This directory will provide details of local businesses with an address in the three postal districts DE13, DE14, DE15

Postal District   Coverage
DE13   Alrewas, Barton-under-Needwood, Rolleston on Dove, Tutbury
DE14   Branston, Burton upon Trent, Newton Solney, Winshill
DE15   Bretby, Stapenhill
At this stage we intend to only include local businesses with website addresses.
curtains and blinds
marketing picture framing
photographic garage services windows
loft conversions bed and breakfast self catering
bathrooms inflatables builders
alarm surveillance systems catering caravans
computer support architects  

Whilst every practical effort has been made for entries in the BTLG.com website listings to be accurate and comprehensive, Get On The Web Limited cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions of the entries for any establishments, or of the facilities or services provided by those establishments.

We apologise to any establishments if their listing is incorrect or omitted. We welcome updated information. Thank you.

We hope you find this facility useful